You Mean Leads Don't Pour into Your Funnel?

No one told you that when you spent a fortune building a website that you might need to do something to make people see it.  It's not as simple as building a site and they will come.

The website is a wonderful start… but you need to drive traffic to the site.  And if you can drive traffic to the site, then you have to give them a reason to stay – AND come back.  You have to get them to give you their information – sign-ups = leads.

So how do you do that?  Easier said than done.  With Zillow, Trulia,, Movoto and others spending their large budgets – likely much larger than yours – on Google Key Word placement there is really not much of a chance to get your home page ranked on the first page of Google organically – meaning unpaid.   But there are actually better ways of getting on your information on page one – with a long term internet marketing strategy.

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Generating Leads

Do you blog? … Blogging is an effort that needs to be done over time and consistently and it will pay off.  Leads won't come the first time you post, they may not even come the second time or the third time, but you will build credibility. All of the information you put on your blog becomes indexible, meaning someone searching for something specific may find your blog.  The more you post relevant content, the more your blog will move up in the search results.  See our Article on Hyperlocal Marketing.

Pinterest… We have implemented a Pinterest marketing plan for a number of our clients Business Pinterest Boards for their luxury and upscale neighborhoods and properties.  The pictures are being shared and the golden key is every time there website address is getting shared and it makes them stand out and some have had leads land up in their CRM just for doing something fun like Pinterest! – Just do it! People love to dream and that information and is valuable for client building.  Having great photography is a must!  Don't do it if you have mediocre images.

Do you use Craigslist? All it takes is one hour in the morning to place some ads on Craigslist.  You can do that!  We know the objections, those leads don't work, they leave fictitious numbers and the email address don't always work and all I will get is spam.  True.  BUT the traffic from those ads that you placed on Craigslist caused people to look at your site.  Traffic to your site moves you up in the search engines!!  If your site has great content, they may come back to your site.  If your site has forced lead capture, they may sign in. It's a numbers game.  ALL the leads won't be bad.  Some might might not buy today, but you are here for the long haul, right?

Lets talk about Content Building. What information do you have on your website?  Is it just like every other real estate site out there?  Why would anyone come to your site, stay on your site and give their contact information to you?  Consumers can get most any information about any listing online without giving up their contact info.  Content is King.  You need to be the local expert.  You need to sell yourself.  You aren't really selling houses – you are selling service and providing information that people can't get online.  Take that approach with your website and your marketing and you will see a big difference.

That's just a few topics to help you drive traffic. We have a lot more up our sleeves.  Sign up below to find out more about driving traffic to your site!

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