Get More Organized

Organized. If only I was more organized. My desk is a nightmare many days and yet I know to be more productive in my business, I need to be more organized.

This book is dog eared, coffee stained and looks like a hundred years old, however I have never yet finished reading it. I mean, when do I get the time?


24 Hours in a Day?

Do you understand that feeling? Where do 24 hours go and yet I never ever get time to do my work AND then find time for myself. I have had this book for about 2 years,, a gift from my daughter who thought I needed to get my life back. Who is she kidding? I don't even have time for me in a day, how could I possibly even have time to read this book! I can see that I have gotten to page 127 (probably twice) and the rest of the pages are brand spanking new, untouched by my eyes! Yet the book title says it all – “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting!” and it's a wonderful book. I wish I could read it without interruption!

I know that as the breadwinner in my family, well actually the chief cook and bottle-washer, the worker, the cleaner, the everything –  I seldom get time to even think about clearing my desk and clearing my mind. I know that in order to be more productive I need to be more organized. To find time for myself!


Set the Intention

What I know for sure that is to be more organized I probably need to set the intention every day. Just make a list and get it done. I have been down that road before and it does take some getting used to. I have heard that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit! Seriously, who has 21 days!? 🙄

I found this amazing course. I get to do it in my own time. I figured that every day I would spend the first hour of each work day doing my own thing. I also figured that I would make car rides more productive. If I am going to be driving more than 20 mins in any given trip, I would listen to the audio's in the course instead of listening to my favorite podcast – just 'til I get through the course. I'm going to report back and let you know my progress. If it's works for me, it will definitely work for you!

A New Day

Wish me luck – today is my first car ride and first day on my new program. I mean for $47 – what do I have to lose? This is how I got involved 🙂

This is the course I'm using and so you can follow along! If you like what you see, maybe you want to join me? It would be great to compare notes! Let me know if you are!

I'll share my results!