How can the system become more efficient?

I have the honor of teaching Real Estate Agents how to use the amazing technology that is given to them by their Company in order to increase their wealth and earn a very comfortable living. Many agents complain that the systems are complicated, they take too long and that they cannot do their work because they do not know how to use the systems. I thought I would write a little about how the system can become more efficient.


Just a little background for you. Last week I spent two paid for hours teaching a wonderful lady how to do a simple landing page that takes me all 5-10 minutes to setup and get posted onto social media. The task is easy and to the point and I did it on my computer with ease. The agent that I was teaching was using a computer that took at least 7-8 minutes to load the page let alone do the work. A task that would take only a few minutes, took us 45 minutes to even get to the point of completing the first draft.

It is so important to have the right tools for the trade. If you have an old computer or one that does not function quickly, you will spend so much wasted time trying to get the task done. I hear all the excuses about not having enough money, about not being able to get their job done, about not having enough time, well that is absolute nonsense. If you want to do the job, get the right tools.

One never sees the garden service mowing the lawn with a push lawnmower. If they are to earn good money, they need to have the best tools for the job so that they can get to as many different homes as quickly as possible. That is exactly the same in real estate, or in any business for that matter. To get your work done efficiently and on time, you really do need to have the right tools for the job.

Just yesterday evening, I had an agent message me at after 10pm to tell me she is in tears. She had been trying to send a buyer agency agreement off to a client, who was waiting for the document, but her computer is so slow that she has taken more than 2 hours to get to the point of frustration. She was exhausted and clearly ready to give up. Her response to me was that technology is so frustrating! Of course I would login to her account and fix it for her and send it in a couple of minutes. Can you see that the technology is not so frustrating if you have the right tools to start.

Tools of My Trade

I have a Macbook Air. It is probably 18 months old. My old Macbook Pro is 9 years old and still works wonderfully well. It is too heavy to keep carrying around which is why I went out and bought a new lighter model with a longer battery life. It is light and easy to carry and the battery life is phenomenal. I don't need to carry a huge bag around and scramble to find a plug to recharge all the time. Just get to the task, get it done and move on to my next job.

Macbook Air is expensive. It's more expensive than other computers, but it has been worth every single dollar I spent. I had to buy mine on an account and I was able to increase my workload and earn more money, well certainly enough to buy myself a lot more work and free time.

The tools of your trade are truly an important aspect of any job. Get up to date and get your life back!