Money is in the list. You have heard it all before. It's all in the list. What list, you might ask? It's in the list of people you know, people you have met, people you don't know well, friends, friends of friends or even acquaintances, colleagues. It's in the list.

So what is in that list? The money is in the list! The people you know and sometimes don't know are a great source of income to you. They know more people collaboratively than you could ever wish to know. As long as you are communicating with those people you know in that list, a ripple affect is taking place. You are list-building.

What can you do to build it?

The first thing you can do is open a spreadsheet and import your contacts. Think about all the people you know, church, work, school, clubs, sports friends, doctor and the staff you know, pharmacy, physio, dentist, accountant, banking hall staff, baby sitters, school teachers and staff, hair salon, nail salon, massage therapy person, your car sales person, grocery store staff, family members, their extended family members (in laws etc), motor repair man, restaurants you frequent, social clubs, tax person, school friends, old co-workers – the list is endless. Wherever you go, there are people. Add them to your list. Make it your business to understand their business. Those very people are your money making machines – you just have to get to know them.

Once you have these people in a spreadsheet, with their names, contact numbers and email addresses, you are ready to sort them and find a way to communicate with them. I have a mini course on how to sort your database, so if you would like that information go here and sign up.

What to do with the list

Once you have a list and it is segmented into groups it's easy to communicate them. You can email them, if you have their telephone number you can text them and if you have their address you mail them something. When you advertise you can target them using re-targeting and that would mean your business will follow them around the internet. Spooky – yes, but that is how simple it can be if you cannot meet them in person.

Of course you can find these contacts on social media, begin conversations, see what they enjoy by watching their behavior and if you can connect, isn't that just awesome to have broken the silence and have a warm friendship to start? Look for the commonalities so that when you go to an event your start a conversation with their interest in mind. Build your list!

Don't take this advice lightly – its a phenomenal opportunity to grow your business, enjoy more free time and have money to live the life you choose and to give money away if you wish.

Call me or email me anytime if you would like some assistance.