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What's the difference between Google Places and Google+ Local?

Just when many real estate agents were getting on board with claiming their business on Google Places, there is now Google+ Local – the upgraded version of Places.  Same concept, but with more features and more customizable.  Instead of being a standalone business listing with Places, it's now integrated into the Google+ system.

If you already have a Places listing set up, you must get into Google+ and clean up your profile.  Google+ is a great opportunity for branding.  This is your opportunity to hone in on your brand, what makes you special, and market it!
Some of the Pros for using Google+ Local are:
1. Google+ Local is indexed, meaning a huge increase in SEO potential for your company since Local pages are integrated in Google search results and Google Maps.
2.Google+ Local is more dynamic than the static Places page.  With enhanced features you can interact with your customer and personalize the experience.  You are able to build a following and communicate with them.   
3. Google+ Local Reviews are more robust.  Instead of the flat 5 star rating system, a more complex rating system will allow consumers rate various aspects of your service. 
4. Android users on the go will find you first!  Think of the possibilities.  Buyers new in town driving around looking at homes and they Google the neighborhood they like.  Since you have blogged about it – Hyperlocal Marketing – and you posted it on Blogger and Google+, maybe even made a YouTube
video about the neighborhood, your Local Page is what they will see first!  Excellent tool for real estate marketing.
Don't fight it.  Google isn't going anywhere and you can bet they are going to keep working on Google+ and making it better.  Make it your 2013 New Year's Resolution to get on board. 
If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, give us a call.  We'll get you set up in no time.