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When I think about something that we, the internet marketing boffins can't do,  is communicating on the telephone to keep in touch with buyers and sellers.

It can be a short and sweet phone call just to tell the buyer or seller about a new listing or something you have found on the net that could be of interest to them. The information may not even be important to them, but its a personal way to say “hi” and to let them know that they are important to you. By having that short conversation the buyer or seller is forced me to remember you the Agent.

It also puts you, the realtor foremost in his mind. If he has a property to sell, he will think of you. If he knows of someone who might be interested in buying or selling, bingo, he will think of you! He may even be reminded when you call to mention he knows someone who is looking to buy or sell… how lucky is that?

By taking the time to call your clients, you position yourself on the top of a long list of Real Estate Agents that do nothing else but wait for leads to come in.

Do you want to know a secret? You may not be the best Agent, but you certainly will be the one remembered and you would have done the one thing that no other Real Estate Agent would do – Call!

Take the time to learn about your buyer or seller by picking up the phone.

Don't have time to call your Buyers and Sellers? Let us look after your internet marketing and you will have time to build relationships and increase your referrals and your income.