Real Estate Search Terms to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Are you using the right key words?

SEO graphicWe all know the need for good keywords. You have been taught to choose your keywords carefully. How many agents in your area, let alone your office, use all the same keywords? If you are all selling homes in Charlotte NC how many agents have their websites keyword rich for Charlotte NC? Everyone? Well then how can everyone appear on page one of Google? You have to be more unique. Think out the box!

Let's analyze the buyers thought process and see how he starts his search and where you, the agent should be hooking him. His search could resemble this:

Mr Buyer is moving to Charlotte NC – so he enters a search saying something like “What is it like to live in Charlotte NC?
then “Where is the best place to live in Charlotte with children?” Now it gets interesting. These are long-tail keywords. Here are some more examples.

Schools are near City/Town NC
Shopping in City/Town NC
Restaurants in City/Town NC
Things to do in City/Town NC
Hiking trails in City/Town NC
Cycling in City/Town NC
Waterfront properties in City/Town NC
Golf Course homes in City/Town NC
Parks in City/Town NC
Public transportation in City/Town NC
Commute time to ___ from City/Town NC and the list continues…

These are all great blogging and content creation opportunities using the relevant long tail keywords.

Then consider more options to drill down further.

Where can he live? What suits his needs?
What subdivisions (neighborhoods) are in ___ or near ___.  Homes for sale in ____ subdivision (neighborhood)
He may be doing quite a bit of research here, so you can build content rich blogs and pages with this hyperlocal subdivision information.

Long tail keywords are highly targeted and a great buying signal.

Potential clients, both buyer and seller, might even search for an Agent, “Agents selling in ____ neighborhood” or “Top Agent in ____“.
He may even ask for Recommended Agents in _____ and read reviews if there are any.

The prime buying signal would be when Mr Buyer has drilled down to the subdivision, however you would probably want to hook him with any of the above information and keep him coming back for more quality, original content and hyperlocal information that Google wants for their searchers!

It takes time to build quality content. Choose your farm area and keep building hyperlocal content and most importantly, Solicit Reviews. We can't stress the importance of online reviews enough – especially Google reviews.

Do you have enough time to create your own quality content? No?

Let us do your blogging and content creation for you using the correct keywords and writing hyperlocal quality information that we can add to your website.

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