Real Estate Technology and Your Real Estate Business?

Real Estate Technology advances daily and when you are not looking, you are 10 years behind and not able to compete with younger people in a business that can give you the lifestyle that you want.

Are you good at Real Estate Online Marketing?

Yes? Great! Then you know you need to keep ahead of real estate technology and show your best skills to market your listings and attract buyers to your database.

No? Then you have two choices.

1.Take the time to learn new real estate technology and utilize your marketing skills, tips and tricks

At Real Estate Technology, we can teach you how to market real estate and to lead generate. It does not matter where you live, we can teach you the skills one on one or in a group and help you learn technology that will keep you ahead of the rest. We go at your pace, making sure you know enough to compete in this highly tech savvy industry.

2. Hire someone to do your real estate technology marketing for you

If you do not have the time to learn new skills then you can pay a company like ours, to do your marketing and social media work for you. We have various packages that we offer and we are able to keep your business top of mind, get your leads and ensure you are competitive in your real estate location.

Lead Generation

Leads are only as good as the follow up campaigns that you implement. Far too often we hear agents complaining about the quality of their leads that they are purchasing. The truth of the matter is that people don't wake up one morning and make a random call asking someone to help them find a home. They begin their search online, they look for reviews, they check to see if the agent is tech savvy and if their work is boring and they don't appear knowledgeable, then they will move on to the next agent. What does your profile and branding look like?

Hyperlocal Information

When a buyer looks online for a home, do they find your good information about the following items and more

  • about the location
  • Climate
  • schools
  • neighborhoods
  • price points
  • local shopping
  • Golf courses
  • Waterfront areas
  • Greenways
  • Things to do
  • Day trips

It is important not only to show homes to people, but sell yourself, your local knowledge and the specialist you are in your field.

We at Real Estate Technology can help you be the expert in your location.

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