WolfPress is a WordPress Site Powered by Wolfnet IDX for Keller Williams Agents

The Wolfpress site is an excellent Website Option for Keller Williams Agents to replace their existing eAgentc site. You can “Refresh” or enhance your eAgentc site to make the home page look prettier, but the mechanics of it are still what we consider old school and not user friendly. Consumers expect the new technology and the clean, easy to navigate look of a WordPress site.

Although the eAgentc site is free, it's really not adequate for a professional web presence in our opinion. The Wolfnet WordPress site offers a slick modern interface that consumers expect now days.

Powered by a WordPress platform, the WolfPress site offers far better tools for SEO (meta tags, titles, descriptions and permalink structures) than the eAgentc site. The site also comes with the powerful Yoast SEO plugin to make key word structure and placement a snap. The WordPress platform is very easy to use as you organize the site and add pages and content, compared to the basic eAgentc site, which is cumbersome and frustrating for many Agents. Another great feature is fully automated XML sitemaps. Using the Google Webmaster Tool, every time you add new content, your website will automatically notify Google and tell it to come back to index your content. You can also check stats about the site on Google Analytics.

On the WolfPress site, the back end of the IDX is the Wolfnet Backoffice that you are probably already familiar with for managing users. Keep in mind the KW Mobile App is also tied to Wolfnet Backoffice. All leads generated on this site will be brought into eEdge so you can easily add them to action plans.

The Wolfnet WordPress Site also offers intuitive, user friendly, property search solution integrated on a subdomain of your root website address. Note: only the Elite package offers Indexible listings, which is important. We suggest if you go with a Wolfpress site, you select the Elite package for this reason. The Elite package also offers Sold search results, where available.

With a low $399 set up fee and a manageable monthly fee through Wolfnet, it's a great option for any agent seeking to up their web presence with a professional website.

Here is a demo site for the Wolfnet Instant WolfPress Site

Getting a great site is just the first step in the process of building a web presence. Adding searchable local content through Pages and Blogging, optimizing the site and Blog posts for SEO, and marketing the site are the next steps. This can take some time and dedication to make an “out of the box” website your own and a local resource. Adding Hyperlocal Content and getting the information out to your database, as well as making it searchable, is very important in the making of a successful site.

That's where Real Estate Technology Associates can assist you. To start, we can work with Wolfnet on your behalf to get your site up and running. We can research domain names and key words for you too. We can then work on your Content Marketing Strategy and build out the site pages, add local searchable content and start Blogging for you. We can also get all your other social media and real estate related websites looking cohesive and ensure you have a solid web presence.

Contact Us today to get started building your local web presence using the amazing new Instant WolfPress Site!