Social Media Marketing

We have all heard the term “Diversify” when it comes to investing.  Well, the same can be said for Social Media Marketing too.  Social Media Marketing is growing and evolving at break neck speeds, it can be hard to keep up!  You can't survive online with just your company branded website, you will NEVER be noticed.  You also can't just rely on Facebook or Twitter to reach clients.  A targeted and consistent combination of Content Marketing, Automated and Email Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Google Systems, Video Marketing, SEO, phone calls, print marketing, and MORE all need to be used together to drive people to your home base, which is your self-hosted blog or website.

“Over 50% of real estate agent and broker Facebook pages fail because of lack of content or failure to update regularly” – Inman News, survey Jan. 2012

The key to Social Media Marketing on Facebook is to stay engaged. Follow groups, comment, engage your fans, provide interesting and relevant content on your page, and work your sphere. This can be time consuming but if you make it part of your daily habit, it's not too bad. Another Social Media Marketing tool that has been largely overlooked is Google+

While some of the same principals apply as Facebook, the beauty of Google+ is that posts are indexed. They are on Facebook Pages too to some extent, but reason has it that Google will rank Google+ posts higher than Facebook, go figure. Read more about Content Marketing with Google+ here.

Twitter can also be a great tool – if you are into it. In our opinion, unless you are really going to manage it, you can easily just feed your Facebook posts to Twitter. Not ideal in terms of truncating, but hey, you have to choose your battles.

We can help you analyze your current Social Media Marketing Strategy and develop your next steps for creating a cohesive, branded image online that drives traffic to your website and generates leads. We can also do it for you by supplementing your Facebook posts with original content blog links, links to your website search tools, lead capture pages and more.