Hyperlocal Online Marketing

Hyperlocal Online Marketing

Hyperlocal Online Marketing is probably the most important business building concept for your real estate business.  This new flashy term that's the talk of the industry is just the digital version of something agents have been doing forever – FARMING.  Think of Hyperlocal Online Marketing as Digital Farming or eFarming!

Don't spend money on postcards that hit the circular file before they even get read.  Instead of blanketing an area with information to everyone who may or may not be immediately interested in your services, the Internet allows you to put information out there to people who are SPECIFICALLY interested in the “key words” you are marketing about that area. Hyperlocal Online Marketing.

This is not to say that postcards don't work. Old style postcards don't work. Today's postcards should drive people back to a lead capture site and offer people something more.

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