Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing is also known more commonly as “Drip Campaign Marketing.”

It is a process whereby you set up a campaign made of up of a number of emails with relevant and interesting information to be sent on a regular basis to the people in your database, via an automated process. This is a way to consistently remind your database of the services you offer, an update on market conditions, and a way to ask for referrals.  By keeping in touch with your database, you build a relationship with them.

Utilizing Automated Marketing frees your time up as an Agent, allowing you to do the things you so best.   However, keep in mind, email marketing doesn't replace the personal touch.  Campaigns should also be paired with call reminders, birthday or special occasion personalized contact, and handwritten notes when possible.

We highly recommend personalizing your campaigns so they appear to be coming from you personally.  Campaigns built into company systems are OK for cold leads, but the people in your database whom you want to build a relationship with, deserve more than a canned email.

At Real Estate Technology Associates, we can write and implement customized campaigns on your behalf and manage your database marketing for you.  CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE

Setting Up automated drip campaigns

Drip Campaigns to keep in touch with your customers