Our Services

Our Services

At Real Estate Technology Associates, we are here to make your life as a busy real estate agent a whole lot easier.  Our Agent Services are tailored to your unique business needs.  Whether you need a little help with the details or you just want someone to take all of the techie stuff off your hands, we are here to help.


Technology has forever changed the way consumers search for, buy, and sell real estate.  And it has also changed the way consumers interact with Realtors.  Now more than ever it is critical that you, as a Realtor, show your value to the consumer.

As attention spans gets shorter and consumer loyalty fades – now is the time to strive for top of mind awareness.  Consumers have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.  It is your job to be visible, present and the one they reach out to when they are ready to make a move.  Technology hasn't replaced the need for Real Estate Professionals, but it has been a game changer for those Agents who do not use and embrace technology as a necessary part of their business.

The reality is that clients will likely find you or research you online or they will be referred to you by someone you made an effort to remind that you are in business and ready to help.

There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to utilizing technology in your business.  We can take an inventory of your current digital marketing strategy, technology resources and your skill level to give you advice on where you can save time and money, getting the greatest return on your investment.

Our services are completely custom and are tailored to each individual agent.  Depending on how much time you have to devote to digital marketing and also taking into account your skill level, patience, and desire to get techie, we can create a plan to suit your business and your budget.