Market Leader Pro

Market Leader Pro

Market Leader Pro for Keller Williams helps generate leads and is a great tool for Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

We highly recommend Market Leader Pro to all our clients, if fact we won't work with them unless they have it! For only $99/month as a Keller Williams Agent, you really can't go wrong. The Search Widgets, Online Lead Tracking and Web Stats alone make it more valuable than $99 in our opinion. In addition you also get better campaign modules and you are able to add a custom page to your site.

Does it have it's flaws? Yes. We really wish it had a built in Blog or at least the ability to pull in a Blog for fresh content. But, we get it, the main purpose of the site is to generate buyers through listings. It is great for lead capture, if you know how to market the site. That's really the key with any website. You have to bring people to the site. Either organically through links and widgets in Blog posts and Social Media, through paid advertising like Google and Facebook Ads, in email marketing or in print material.

The “out of the box” MarketLeader Pro site needs to be enhanced to get the optimum effect. You must have Pro in order to have a custom URL, otherwise you are on a subdomain of KW, which has little SEO value. You also need to add your Communities Served, add a Custom Page and enhance the SEO on the pages.

We can help you with all of that!