Listing Marketing

Listing Marketing

Listing Marketing is an important part of the real estate business but sadly it’s one of the areas that many agents fail for their clients. People pay agents to sell their home and if they agent isn’t using the best strategies and systems to do that, they are not earning their commission in our opinion!

Now more than ever great pictures and video are a must! Over 90% of buyers first see a home online. If the online representation of the home is poor, they may not even give it consideration! Unless it’s priced so low that they don’t need marketing. Get good pictures. Period. If you can’t take them yourself, hire someone.

How you use those images is in your court. Once you have great images of a property you can build your marketing strategy and promote it online to attract buyers (AND GENERATE LEADS).

Our Listing Marketing System takes your professional pictures and video to the next level. We incorporate eye catching images with HyperLocal marketing content that not only showcases the home but also highlights the features of the neighborhood and community. After all, buyers aren’t just looking for a house, they are looking for a lifestyle and a community.

You get us great pictures and we’ll do the rest!

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