Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

What exactly does SEO friendly website mean?  Here are a few of many factors that contribute to your site being recognized in the search engines and become SEO friendly.

  • Are there enough keywords in your copy? What density – too many or too few?
  • What about your links – where do they go?
  • Do you know the difference between linking and backlinking?
  • Have you used all the Header tags and are they used correctly?
  • Did you use Bold and Italics in your copy?
  • What about your Title – is it optimized for your niche?
  • The Meta tags, meta name and description – is it correctly labelled for your niche?
  • Do you have video in your site?
  • Is your video copy seo compliant?
  • Are your pictures labelled for optimization?
  • Is your copy optimized correctly?
  • What about the side bars are they optimized and have good information?
  • Each page in your site needs the right information for your niche
  • Do you blog to optimize your niche?
  • How do you know which keywords will bring you the most traffic?
  • What else are you doing to ensure you website is getting to Google Page One?

There is no guarantee to getting onto page one of Google, but if you are not optimized correctly what chance do you have?

If you need a report back on your site, an honest opinion, let us take a look at your site and let you know what we can find and make some recommendations.  A custom SEO Report will cost you only $150.  Well worth it to ensure your site is not invisible!

If you need our help after you get the report, we can make your entire site SEO friendly – not just the home page like most companies! We will also give you tips on how to maintain your content and climb the Google ranks.  Or of course, we can do it for you and make your website SEO friendly.