eAgentC Site Enhancement

eAgentC Site Enhancement

Don’t be boring with your “out of the box” eAgentc template site. Make your Keller Williams eAgentC Site work for you. The eAgentC site, free to all Keller Williams agents, is a great resource for building your own personal brand. Use your MarketLeader site to generate leads.

Did you know that your Agent profile on KW.com is automatically tied to your eAgentC website? Therefore, if you don’t update your KW profile to a different site and you have done nothing with your eAgentC site, this is what people searching for Agents on kw.com will see when they click on Visit My Website. Not very unique or professional.

eAgentC Site Template KW

Consider this; if other Agents are searching for a referral agent out of the area, do you think they will consider an Agent with no profile picture and a blank template website? Probably not.

We can help you make your eAgentC site shine with a makeover. We will work with you to develop your own personal style and create a homepage that reflects you and your business. Take a look at these eAgentC Site Enhancements.

eAgentc Site

eAgentC site redesign for Keller Williams

Lisa Quin eAgentC site

Keep in mind, eAgentC sites are equipped with Wolfnet IDX solution which is tied to your eEdge database. However, you have to set it up to use it! For only $10 per month, you can add the map search feature to your Wolfnet IDX. We highly recommend adding this feature.

There are other vendors out there who will make your site pretty, but we do more. We also make it function. Here's what we do:

  • Brand your Home Page to reflect you and your business.
  • Add Social Media Links to Home Page.
  • Optimize every page on the site to make it SEO friendly.
  • Integrate a custom domain name (not just pointed or forwarded).
  • Organize all pages so it makes sense and is user friendly.
  • Add custom pages and fresh content.
  • Add KW videos and/or your own videos.
  • Tie in your Blog to add fresh content ongoing – good for SEO.
  • Customize your Wolfnet Solution.
  • Connect your Mobile App.

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